About Us


In 1923 Shri Krishin Shewa Mandal was established with few members who decided to dedicate their life towards the Service of Mankind & in very short span it grew like a flame, & started a full fledge library teaching Hindi & Urdu Language in Night School, giving practical knowledge of running Handlooms, Training Scouts & developed their own full fledged Scout Troop under the guidance of Commander Dr. G. D. Panjabi, the present President. After Independence all the members of Mandal left their “WATAN” as refugees & some have settled in Mumbai & many settled in Ulhasnagar & after settling their livelihood, again same Thirsty Urge of serving Mankind came out & they re – started Shri Krishin Shewa Mandal here at Ulhasnagar continuing the same activities, which they had left behind in Pakistan.

Our Goal

R.G.S. always provide you a platform where you are inspired to great purpose some extra ordinary project, all of your thoughts break their bonds, your consciousness here expands in every direction and you find your self in a new great and wonderful world. Dormant forces, facilities and talents become a life and you discover your self to be a greater person then you ever dreamed yourself to be.