Ms. Juliet Coutinho

(Primary Section)

In the name of the Lord My GOD, The most Merciful Above

I am honoured and humbled to be the captain of the ship carrying nearly 1500 passengers aboard,all.. in their formative years.
With a vision in my blood and mind I feel escatic and blessed that god has bestowed upon me an opportunity to explore my knowledge and excellence to my innocent and naive children, for which I express my heartfelt gratitude.

'Every child comes with a message that god is not yet discouraged of man.'

Children, God's wonderful creation are born with immeasurable potential to grasp, learn grow and mould themselves, children are born with a blank slate and, we with our hardwork, perseverance, skill, faith, knowledge and talent fill them with nobel thoughts and ideologies to enable them to be successful in every walk of life. The first five years of childhood are very important in development of a child's brain. These are the years where children grow in emotions, sensitivity, love attachment, pathos and anxiety. These are the crucial years when a child has the maximum ability to learn retain, which will either make him or mar him

Not underestimating the power of mind of a five years old child, a determined and devoted teacher a mentor will leave no stone unturned to teach him Ramayan, Mahabharata, Shlokas and Gita.

We have motivating examples of prodigies like Lydia Sebastian an Indian origin girl in UK started playing violin at the age of 4, Srinivasa Ramanuja an Indian Mathematicain learnt college level mathematics at 11, Shelia Sri Prakash gave her first performance of Dance on Stage at age 6.

A handsome face, brimming with energy and born to a high family, if not educated rightly attracts no admirers.

Like a scentless flower he is ignored


The combined efforts of teachers, parents, society and peers and environments together will surely make a child humble, pure and pious and successful.

Come let us join hands to make them shine.

As bright as sun,
As soothig as the moonlight,
As aromatic as a lily
Hold them to your Bossom for,
All they need is our love and hug and kiss.
Children are our tomorrow. They are our future.
And may tomorrow grow to be future Kalidasa, Steve Jobs or Bill Gates.
Every child is a genius,
The ONUS is on us