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In 1923 Shri. Krishin Shewa Mandal was established with few members who decided to dedicate their life towards the Service of the mankind and in very short span it grew like a flame and started a full fledge library teaching Sindhi and Urdu Languages in Night School, giving practical knowledge of running Handlooms, Training scouts and developed their own full fledged Scout Troop under the guidance of Commander Dr. G. D. Panjabi, the Late President, to face any type of natural calamities, in need. The Scouting Troop in the Yester Year's have proved of their being Scouts/Soldiers on many occasions.


That after the Independence all the members of Mandal left their "WATAN" as refuges and some have settled in Mumbai and many were settled in Ulhasnagar and after setting their livelihood, again same Thirsty Urge of serving Mankind came out and they re-started Shri. Krishin Shewa Mandal here at Ulhasnagar continuing the same activities, which they had left behind in Pakistan.


In the beginning, activities like Bal-Wadi / Mandir and Narishalla were conducted alongwith yearly celebrations of Janma-ashtmi (Lord Krishin Janam) and "Sam" Birthday (A renowed poet of SINDH).


That in the year 1972 the members felt the necessity of a good English Medium School in the Ulhasnagar - 4 locality which appeared to be a dream of the Members since long and which emerged as a truth in the year 1972 the Management of Shri. Krishin Shewa Mandal was able to start the school with just 35 students, out of which 50% were given freeship.


The Mandal since then has grown and developed the institution to such an extent that it has been catering its educational facilities to around 2400 students of its locality. The institution has one of the most systematic code of education based on the latest rules and regulation of the SSC / HSC Board for the Secondary/Higher Secondary Section and the School Council board for the Primary Section.


It has been caring for the all round development of the students and encourage them in various activities. The school in its every academic year has been carrying out picnics and excursions for the students, the teachers and the staff.


As scouting and guiding is one of the School subjects at the SC level where in the students are gauged and their performance is judged at the camping which is organized out of city limits.


The institution has a fully furnished Sports and P.T department and students take part in all Sports competition at the Taluka and District Level. And on many occasions have brought in laurels for the School. The School had also arranged for Karate and Dancing Classes.


Students are also coached and trained to participate in various Extra curricular activities like Dramatics, Debate, Essay Competition, Drawing Competition, Quiz Competition, Intelligence tests, Elocutions, Dancing, Karate etc. and this has been reflected in the numerous prizes certificates and Medals awarded to the winners.


National Days are celebrated on a grand scale in the form of cultural functions, programs with the participated of our students.

Trust Main activities are founded upon Academic and Social reforms, namely :

  1. Academic Side :
    • S.N. Purswani Nursery Classes.
    • Sailesh Radha Kishindas KG. Classes.
    • R.G.S. English Primary / High School.
    • Dr. G. D. Panjabi Jr. College.
  2. Facilities:
    • School Buses
    • Generator
    • Lift
    • Canteen
    • Computer Laboratory
    • Audio Visual Laboratory
    • Library for Students and Teachers
    • Sami Hall with capacity of 250 Persons
    • 6000 sq.ft Auditorium / Hall - Fully Covered
  3. Social Reforms :
    • Dr. G. D. Panjabi Endowment Fund ( Scholarship)
    • Poor Girls Marriage Fund (Helping Needy Girls)
    • Conducting Sports and Participating upto State Level
    • Helping Needy Students to continue their Basic studies in school regularly
    • Medical Help

Last but not the least, we promise to keep our promises and aims alive for serving the Mankind
and imparting education, to all, irrespective of caste and creed.

Jai Hind,
Jai Maharashtra.


Our Goal

R.G.S. always provide you a platform where you are inspired to great purpose some extra ordinary project, all of your thoughts break their bonds, your consciousness here expands in every direction and you find your self in a new great and wonderful world. Dormant forces, facilities and talents become a life and you discover your self to be a greater person then you ever dreamed yourself to be.


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